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Reifen Deike

Langobardenring 24
46286 Dorsten

Telefon: 02369/8909
Fax: 02369 / 204413

Email: info@reifen-deike.de


Reifen Deike is a german company who deals with tyres since more than 15 years. We are a global exporter for used casings and tyres of every quality and depth.

Logistics and the handling of all customs clearing formalities characterise our company as a first-class exporter worldwide.

Our longtime clients and customers are convinced of the advantages we can offer:

- Multilingual

- Fair conditions

- Detailed, professionally competent and individual advice

- Schooled worker to load your goods in the best way

Just get in touch with us, ask or current sales lists! Our team will be happy to please you.

If you are interested in purchasing our tyres, please do not hesitate to send us a list of your request and we will make an offer for you.